Rifles - at Ballistic Rifle, our goal is to build you the best possible rifle, free of issues and defects. Within the first 30 days of purchase, we will issue a full refund no questions asked, assuming the purchased item has not been damaged beyond normal wear and tear. After the first 30 days, we will service your rifle for the lifetime of ownership. This includes fixing and/or replacing damaged items, problem solving issues with proper cycling or anything else that hinders your rifle from reliable performance. 

Handguns and Shotguns - although we don't manufacture these items, we will attempt to service anything we sell. If we are unable to remedy the issue, we will work with our customers and firearm manufacturers to provide a resolution as fast as possible. 


Pistols (i.e. handguns or rifles with barrels less than 16") can only be sold "in person" to Georgia residents who are 21 years or older. Non Georgia residents must receive pistol from a licensed dealer in their state of residence. 


Long Guns (i.e. rifles with 16" or greater barrel and shotguns with 18" barrel or greater) can be shipped or sold to any state not in the 'excluded' list to anyone 18 years or older.


All firearms purchases are subject to a NICS FBI background check. Only exceptions are for Georgia residents who possess a valid weapons permit. 


Rifles and any other type of long gun can be shipped to any Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealer of your choice. States are excluded from shipping and sales include: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C.   


Any purchases that are declined due to a failed background check are subject to a 25% restocking and shipping fee. Firearms that are transferred to BRS that cannot be legally given to recipient due to a failed background check will be held in storage for 90 days. After 90 days, if the firearm is still not allowed to be legally transferred, the item will then become property of Ballistic Rifle in its entirety. 


Ballistic Rifle shall not be responsible for any injury, death, or damage to property resulting from any intentional, unintentional or accidental discharge of the firearm, or from any firearm function when used for any improper purpose for which it was not designed. Ballistic Rifle will not honor claims involving the firearm which resulted from careless or improper handling, unauthorized use and/or adjustment or unauthorized part(s) replacement, corrosion, neglect, or the use of improper-caliber ammunition, or the use of ammunition other than original high-grade, commercially available ammunition in good condition, or any combination thereof. Ballistic Rifle Systems will not honor any such claims involving the firearm for any reason or cause when such claims are made by the second or subsequent owner. 



All firearms are sold free of mechanical defect and purchasers are encouraged to receive proper firearms training before handling of any pistol, rifle or shotgun. Persons under the age of 18 should only handle firearms under the close supervision of a trained adult. If unfamiliar with firearms, seek further advice through safe-handling courses run by your local gun clubs, NRA-approved instructor, or similar qualified organizations.

The Fine Print